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If you've had your makeup or Brows done by me in the past 2 years, you would already know that I've been operating my business from my spare room/ study in my home. While this was convenient for me, I really wanted to ensure my clients were still able to have a private space, feel comfortable and have no need to walk through my house. As business got busier the need to move out of home was more evident.

So... I decided to rent a Transportable unit for the next 3-6 months. It's conveniently parked outside my home, so it still suits my lifestyle and working around my family but it also provides a nice private space for my clients.

Decor: Well, I'm a sucker for Kmart and The Warehouse.. so I pretty much decorated my entire Studio (and revamped my new found office space) with Kmart and Warehouse goodies!

My colour theme is obviously Black, White, Blush pink, neutrals and gold. What I love about these colours is they are so chic, modern, classy, girly and very timeless. Yes, Blush Pink comes and goes, but I kept this colour to the smaller decor items such as cushions etc which makes it easy to change it up in the future.

I love keeping things minimal and tidy (clutter-free!).. it helps me to keep my mind clear and creates a peaceful atmosphere. To help set the mood for my clients before they arrive, I play some easy-listening music, turn on any lights/ lamps and will sometimes light my Ecoya Peach candle. I like to have everything set out and ready to go.

In the Future: At this time, I am enjoying working from home but I know there will come a time in the very near future that I will need to find an actual commercial space.. where that is, I am not yet sure... But having this studio allows me some space and time to think and dream my future...

I am in love with my (temporary) studio... What do you think? Leave a comment below.



This is my favourite piece, Faux Cow Hide $45 from The Warehouse

Faux Cow Hide from The Warehouse $45

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